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War in ukraine

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Kyiv Before War

DAY 157

of Ukraine's heroic resistance against
full-scale Russian aggression

Kyiv After War

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine with the military forces previously concentrated along the border. The invasion was followed by targeted airstrikes on military buildings in Ukraine, but a couple of days later the airstrikes hit first civilian objects and buildings.


Putin's army has brought famine, heavy shelling, and acts of sexual assault back to Europe. This was unseen since WW2.

Young Girl With her Mother

Children killed

Source: Statista

Wounded Woman

Raped in Bucha Alone

Source: Wikipedia

Russian Missile

Strikes (only 300 are military objects)

Source: Wikipedia

Building destroyed in Mariupol

Homes destroyed in Mariupol Alone

Source: Wikipedia

Dead civilian

Civilian deaths

Source: Statista

Do you think this is it?

  • Pregnant Woman
  • Destroyed tanks
  • Dead bodies
  • Mrya plane
    "Raped 8 month baby with a candle, and forced her mother to watch"
  • Kids
  • Kids in underground
  • Men with tied hands
  • Ukrainian Firefighter
    "Dropped 500kg bomb on maternity ward in Mariupol"
  • Dead men on the street
  • Ukrainian family
  • Ukrainian soldier carrying a baby
  • Destroyed block of apartments
  • Parents trying to save their child
    "Took turns to rape her while her son was in the boiler room, crying"
  • Woman with a new born child
  • Old woman
  • Dead Ukrainian soldiers
  • Russian Tanks
  • Kids plays near destroyed buildings
    "Two 10-year-old boys, triplets aged 9, a 2-year-old girl raped by two Russian soldiers, and a 9-month-old baby"

People of Ukraine are fighting for the freedom of democracy.
We are fighting for the freedom of the free world.

We need your help.

We created Charity Ukraine to collectively help the most vulnerable families and individuals.

Kharkiv before war
Kharkiv after war

Each of our NFTs tells a story of a life ruined by this war.

The proceedings from the sale of each NFT will be split equally.

50% would go to the families.

50% would go to Ukrainian army.

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Irina and Liza NFT

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The four-year-old Liza was one of three young children killed on July 14, 2022, when 4 Russian missiles struck the centre of Vinnytsia. Her mother, Irina Dmitrieva, lost her leg as a result of Russian terror. Irina urgently needs $100,000 to have a chance of living a normal life again. We will not be able to ease the emotional pain of loss, but we can help her get back on her feet. You can make a difference and support Irina by obtaining this NFT.

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